Here to Help

Updated: June 15, 2020

Project 150 continues to work hard in supporting high school students and their families during this unprecedented public health event.

As a mission-based nonprofit organization, Project 150 cares deeply for the students we serve,  our employees, as well as the many donors and volunteers who partner with us everyday. We would like to reassure you that your health and well-being remain top priorities for us. As we prepare to reopen Betty’s Boutique and our Volunteer Center, we are taking all the necessary safety measures as outlined by health officials at both the State and Local level.

There will be new sanitizing and social distancing policies in place to protect the health and safety of our visitors and our employees.

We will still be providing food and hygiene products curb-side to high school students and their families throughout the summer. Please be sure to check back daily and follow us on Facebook for the latest information on dates and times of curb side food pick up and the re-opening of Betty’s Boutique and the Volunteer Center.

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