“This is our most significant challenge: in changing times, we cannot overvalue the importance of a strong volunteer culture. Our volunteers translate our intentions and our values into work that is useful, meaningful, and mutually rewarding. We, in turn, need to revitalize volunteerism, to ensure that it is alive and well and resilient. ”

– Volunteer Canada

Volunteer programs fundamentally enhance an organization’s ability to meet its mission and achieve strategic goals. Whether a nonprofit, municipality, or business, a volunteer program brings challenges and enhances potential.

Nevada is home to some amazing organizations who understand the power of volunteerism. If you want to be involved as a volunteer check out NV Volunteer Connect, our statewide volunteer connecting system. If your organization has volunteer opportunities and wants to be listed on NV Volunteer Connect, create an account on this site and we’ll start the process of helping you find the best volunteers Nevada has to offer.

For ideas to strengthen your volunteer program, check out our Resources page.

To learn more about how you can volunteer, check out our Be a Volunteer page.

Volunteering and Service Done Right

Best practices abound for setting up and managing an effective volunteer or community engagement program.

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Find volunteer opportunities with our volunteer connecting system.

Get your organization’s volunteer opportunities on NV Volunteer Connect

Is your organization looking to dip into the amazing pool of volunteers throughout the state of Nevada? Get listed on NV Volunteer Connect, the only statewide volunteer connection created specifically for Nevada. Take advantage of this free and easy service by clicking here.

Keep track of your volunteers’ hours
Trackin’ It! Software helps you count the hours that your volunteers provide in service to your organization.

Why track hours?
Volunteer hours can be an important indicator of how effective a nonprofit is in fulfilling its mission, and can be included when the nonprofit applies for grants or does fundraising.

Hours are valuable
One hour of volunteer labor is valued at more than $20, so tracking every hour a volunteer gives can really add up.

Sign up for our volunteer coordinators/community relations e-list and become part of a statewide community of volunteer coordinators who share ideas, resources, training opportunities, and funding information.


Create strong position descriptions

The key to finding the right volunteers is having the right position description that identifies key skills, commitment needed, and the scope of duties. Our Toolkit for Writing Effective Position Descriptions can help.


Showcase your volunteer positions through our website

Nevada Volunteers showcases volunteer opportunities throughout the state using NV Volunteer Connect, a free system created for Nevada that can help your nonprofit, governmental agency, or faith-based community increase the exposure of your volunteer opportunities to people all over the state.

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You will need:

  • Your organization’s EIN (employer identification number)
  • Current contact information for someone at your organization

Visit Resources for Starting and Managing Your Volunteer Program for more great ideas!

Ten Organizational Standards for Quality Volunteer Management* will help you get started or reinvigorate an existing program.-The Canadian Code for Volunteering Involvement

Nevada Volunteers endorses the Service Enterprise Initiative for nonprofit and business volunteer programs. A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.

General resources

Ten Standards

[expand title=”Connect volunteers with the organization’s purpose and mission”]


[expand title=”Policies and procedures define and support volunteer involvement”]



[expand title=”Volunteer coordination by a specific person with appropriate qualifications”]


[expand title=”Evaluate and improve program impacts and volunteer contributions”]


[expand title=”Strategic recruitment to engage a diverse volunteer base”]


[expand title=”Volunteer position descriptions that fit the mission”]



[expand title=”Screening and Interviewing volunteers”]



[expand title=”Orientation and training for volunteers”]


[expand title=”Supervising and Giving Feedback”]




[expand title=”Recognition and retention of volunteers”]



<h2>Everyone Can Serve!</h2>
Every volunteer contributes unique abilities, knowledge, and skills. We seek to include seniors and people with disabilities in our recruitment, practice and policy development, programming, and evaluation efforts. By expanding our base of volunteers, we strengthen our impact within the community, on the individuals who serve, and we foster greater sensitivity and compassion.

<h2>People + the Internet = Success</h2>
Our free online <a href=””>volunteer connecting</a> system gives nonprofits a wider audience for publicizing volunteer needs, and helps volunteers find the right opportunity that suits their interests and time availability. Our <a href=””>Facebook page</a> and <a href=””>Twitter </a>feeds are other great avenues for learning about volunteer opportunities and other service news.